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Build your members up with Fun and Scalable Programming!
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Custom Plans to Fit Your Affiliate or Organization

If you are not amazed with our Programming within the first 30 days we will refund your money!


Quality Programming for your Fitness Facility Should focus on Building the Community!

Each community has their own needs. Let us help you identify them!

Affiliate and Fitness Facility Programming - $299/month

Whether your members are the constantly traveling family that just wants to be able to keep up with their children, or the highly eager group that wants to try new skills and looking for their next challenge, we have something for everyone! We customize YOUR program based off the demographics of your community creating your own unique progressions. Let us “Taylar” what you need!

Sports Specific and Team Sports - $199/month

This cutting edge program is created for the teams or organizations looking to take their game to the next level! Included are sport specific workouts/exercises meant to make you more explosive, agile, quicker, and stronger in the movement of your particular sport.

Back-to-Basics - $75/month (Included in Affiliate & Individual Programming)
Want the key to achieving your optimal fitness level? Bring it back to building your foundation! Programs are developed with the intentions of building strength to your weaker areas. Whether it’s achieving your 1st pull up/muscle up, strengthening your core, activating your glutes, etc, your program will made to allow you to move more efficiently and relieve pain and discomfort in bothersome areas due to a weak foundation. $75/month (3 day a week/4 weeks.)
*To be used in conjunction of regular program as a supplemental program.


“Taylar’s programming takes you beyond YOUR MIND’S comfort zone to your REAL capabilities. She has this awesome ability to see what you are truly capable of accomplishing better than you know yourself. She listens to you when you have your doubts and then immediately crushes those doubts with encouragements, words of advice, and that “look” that says “You will do it because I know you can!”. With her coaching and programming I have made tremendous gains in not only my powerlifting but in confidence in myself. Taylar is a beautiful person inside and out and if you Trust Her Process, you will go far. I am proud to be TaylarMade!”


Powerlifting Programming Client

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