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TaylarMade Athlete


Want to work with and truly be TaylarMade? Have access to Taylar entirely and become a part of her competitor's community group! A group of like-minded athletes looking to take their fitness to the next level as Taylar being their head coach. From Taylar's extensive history/resume of Grid championships, Powerlifting all time world record holder, Weightlifting National Champion, Track and field and Grid MVPs, Crossfit Regional Qualifiers, amongst competing at the highest level against the world's best athletes, Taylar has proven to have hone her craft of execution. She is transferring this knowledge to help building athletes to do the same in their respective sports by combining both mental and physical training into competitive strategy. She's aware that not one athlete is the same, so she takes the approach of building systems for each individual athlete to get the most out of them and their production. Whether you're a seasoned athlete looking to qualify to the next level of Crossfit or you're somebody looking to just grab control of your health, Taylar caters to the needs of the individual and situation. Program Includes: Customized/Individual program, video analysis, flexibility to adjust, unlimited coach support, and exclusive Red TaylarMade Athlete shirt. Experience: All Levels Equipment: Whatever you have access to. Typical Duration: 60-120min

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TaylarMade Athlete, $250.00/month


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