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Ever get stuck in a game you couldn’t figure out for the life of you? Trying every thing and getting it “not just right” was the case? Not until you bought the guide with the codes to get you through it so you can get to it. This program is your “guide” designed to help your body be as efficient as possible in that it can use as much oxygen as it can, efficiently. Moving slower to go faster is a pillar to this program, which makes it a great addition to your daily training! Finding your rhythm and pace is key to enduring pain and fatigue. Rhythm in your breathing. Knowing how to pace your runs, rows, and bike workouts to be more efficient. If you’re looking to train keeping your heart rate down as the workout picks up pace, this is for you! If you have access to a gym you will have everything you need: Row Assault Bike Marked Area to Run Jump Rope Wall Ball Dumbbells Kettlebells If you don’t have the accessory equipment all movements can still be modified. (Which we provide) Duration: 3xa week; 20min-1hr (can be done in supplement to current program you are on right now.)

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Taylar Stallings
Taylar Stallings


TMFuntionalCapacity, $40/month

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