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Taylar'd Gainz


Looking for something specific? Are you wanting to enhance or strengthen a particular part of your training that you know needs work so you can get more out of your workouts? If you're the athlete that loves being a part of the class/group environment, but are looking for more specific focus to help you destroy your class programming, let my coaches create a program to fit the program you are currently on! We will access your needs and create a program that will move in conjunction to the training you are currently doing! Don't worry about overtraining. Our coaches will provide you with the right volume and support to get the most out of you! Or maybe you're a newer athlete or an athlete that is short on time. Start off slow with 3 days to get you into the swing of things or to fit your busy life! Includes: 3-day customized programming, video analysis, flexibility, coaching check ins. Experience: All levels! Equipment: Whatever you have access to. Typical Duration: 60-75min

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Taylar'd Gainz, $199.00/month


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