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Stick War Legacy APK: Learn the Way of the Sword, Spear, Archer, and Mage on Your Phone

Stick War Legacy is a strategy game created by Max Games Studio, the only striking difference it has from other games of the genre is that the battling is done by stick figures. The game is of 105 Mbs and is available for free on google play stores. However to access its premium content you have to purchase its subscription package.

stick war legacy

Stick war Legacy is all about stick figures battling each other. It is the region of Inamorta where all factions are busy waging wars against each other. Each has their own style of weapons. You have to choose which one to join. Although the designs of the characters look very fun and harmless they are out to kill so beware of them.

Stick War Legacy is a strategy game with stick figures available on all app stores for free. The game will take you on an amazing battle journey with loads of interesting weapons and mysterious items. Take part in this battle, attack with different weapons, defend yourself and strategize.

The graphics of the game are pretty fun to look at, their cartoonish designs make them look harmless. But don't fall into that trap; these stick men are incredibly vicious warriors that are ready to take you down. The visual effects of the weapons are absolutely amazing.

Stick War Legacy is an awesome game if you are into battling, strategy and stick figures. This game is an adventurous and fun take on the battle genre with awesome features that are discussed in detail above. You can play in multiple different modes, have fun with a variety of weapons and items. You can make rapid progress by getting the mod version available on our website. Press the download button located above to get your Stick War Legacy mod apk right now. Tell us what you think about the game in the comment section below.

Stick War Legacy APK is one of the best stickman games on mobile. You must form a team to fight relentless enemies, destroy your enemy statue, and seize all territories. It is a challenging game that requires you to have excellent strategic and tactical skills.

Some of the most challenging levels will require you to use all of your ingenuity and skills. You must be prepared for anything if you want to emerge victorious. Some of the stickmen you can use in your battles include swords, archers, giants, mages, and spears.

The Stick War Legacy Mod Apk is a game of strategy and tactical gameplay. Now you must e wondering that there are many strategic and tactical games to play so why this game? The answer is simple. This game is related to the stickman and this time you will be getting armies of the stickman to play with. So all the stickman-style game lovers should get ready as the real fun is inside this game.

If you love to play war and strategy games then you should download this game for a unique user experience that comes with the stick-style gameplay. Here you will not be fighting with a single stick character.

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Rather a whole nation full of stickmen will be under your command. You as a ruler of a nation full of stick warriors have to form a really strong army and battle against other nations for the sake of the glory of your own.

During the reign of Inamorta, all the stick nations are battling with each other for the sake of the glory and prosperity of their nations. Each has its army and set of different weapons that they use. So you also have to decide which sort of weapons are going to be your main ones in these harsh war times.

The game is a mix of strategy and stick-style gameplay. But it is different from both of its related genres. The Stick War Legacy Mod Apk allows you to play with plenty of stickmen where different categories of characters are there.

Stickmen are there to amaze you with their fighting abilities. Different classes of these characters are available in the game. Stick Giants, Stick Wizards, stick warriors, swordsmen, stick archers, etc are the ones that you can get to add to your army. is an apps and games portal that covers different Apps Apk and PC Games for Windows 10,8,7,XP,Vista OS,Mac OS, Chrome OS or Ubuntu OS.Download Apps apk,Games apk for free and install with your Windows PC or Laptop.Our Games or Apps are licensed Full Version for PC.You can download Apps or Games for Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP.This is one of the best places on the Web to play new PC/Laptop games or apps for free in 2019!To download these games,software or apps,you need to download the best android emulator:XePlayer first.

Play the game Stick War, one of the biggest, most fun, challenging and addicting stick figure games. Control your army in formations or play each unit, you have total control of every stickman. Build units, mine gold, learn the way of the Sword, Spear, Archer, Mage, and even Giant. Destroy the enemy statue, and capture all Territories!

All-in-all, the latest version of the Stick War Legacy Mod Apk has various ruling-over techniques that get accomplished through various amusing slots and involve a greater range of fun in it which is the desired option. So, download the Stick War Legacy Mod Apk new version from our website and do what you want to with this strategy-based life-like legacy war simulation for free. In addition, now you can also download stickman dismounting mod apk.

I like the Stick War Legacy Mod Apk very much as the level of fun and amusement that this app carry for its users is of the next level. I get to know about this app a few months ago and have been using this simulation as my spare-time companion for 4 months. During this, I have never even felt bored, tired, or exhausted by this app but its various entertainment construct makes me able to get fully amused from it whenever it is needed. It is a free, and safe hub too which is also a desirable facet of this game. Along with this, the Stick War Legacy Mod Apk modded version is equipped with an easy user manual to allow its users to enjoy simple and addictive gameplay at an ease. Also, download stickman ninja fight mod apk.

Are you a stick war legacy lover and want to access its unlimited battling and fighting modes? If yes then go with the latest modded version of the Stick War Legacy Mod Apk. It offers a greater addiction in terms of the gameplay of this action simulation. Additionally, the gameplay has various stocking battling modes that make it a powerful construct. We also recommend you to download stickman the flash mod apk.

If you to access an exciting stock legacy fighting mode on your android devices then choosing the latest version of the Stick War Legacy Mod Apk is the best option for you. It is a game of rule where unlimited strategy modes are involved that are powerfully sticking to the war legacy mod through various in-game progressive assets that are put above the list for the battling mode access. In addition, now you can also download the walking zombie 2 mod apk.

The Stick War Legacy Mod Apk is completely free from any kind of advertisements, loads, and dangers as a proper mechanism to fix all are induced in his hub. There are multiple anti-malware units that are introduced in this hub for the uplifted fun of the users which are also highly demanding facets. We also recommend you to download stickman dragon fight mod apk.

Stick War: Legacy Mod Apk is a popular and current video game that can be played online. You can easily pass the time by playing with your phone. This puzzle game with stick figures is considered one of the most unique and intriguing. Let us build some units and fully utilize the gold-mining potential of those units. Come on and check out the newest and most amazing entertainment space in town.

As far as MODDED-1 knows, Stick War: Legacy is a Stick War Strategy game, officially released by Max Games Studios. Although released for a long time, but this game still retains its own characteristics. That is why this stickman product has now reached more than 100 million installations globally. This is indeed a remarkable achievement, given what this game brings.

Stick War Legacy MOD APK is a strategy game created by Max Games Studio. It differs from others in the genre mainly because the characters are stick figures. The game can be downloaded for free from Google Play and is 105 Mbs in size. However, you must acquire a membership plan to access its premium content.

A strategy game with stick figures called Stick War Legacy is available cost-free on all app stores. The game will take you on an incredible adventure through warfare with a tonne of intriguing weaponry and enigmatic things. Participate in this combat, using a variety of weapons to attack, defend yourself, and plan.

Conflict will start as a result of this intransigence! You must gather your forces and stand by your principles when that happens. Make sure you outsmart your adversaries by using original stick combat techniques.

Stick War Legacy Mod Apk is a Chrome extension by This extension has 32 weekly active users and was removed from Chrome Web Store 2 years ago. The latest version, 1.0, was updated 3 years ago.

Stick war legacy apk belonged to the strategy game genre and was developed by Max Game Studios to give players a never experienced gaming and battle adventure on mobile. As the game is capped with lots of fun, so also there are lots of challenges that players will be confronted with. In the Stick war legacy apk, you will have your own country, which you are to improve and watch over for maximum protection, guiding it against intruding enemies.

Stick war legacy new update has gotten lots of unique and better features that can make your characters perform much better. To take advantage of the new updates, you will have to get stick war legacy latest version.

In the stick war legacy for Android and stick war legacy online for other devices, you will act as the leader giving the legion of army orders. In your kingdom, the people are after peace, and they don't bow to objects of weapons as their gods. As a result, among the neighboring kingdom, you will become the center of focus to attack so that they can enforce their belief on your people.


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