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Download GoTo Meeting and Start Hosting or Joining Meetings in Minutes

How to Download and Install GoToMeeting on Your PC for Free

GoToMeeting is one of the most popular and reliable online meeting software that allows you to communicate and collaborate with your team, clients, or partners from anywhere. Whether you need to host a video conference, a webinar, a training session, or a presentation, GoToMeeting can help you do it with ease and efficiency.

In this article, we will show you how to download and install GoToMeeting on your PC for free, how to join or host a meeting with GoToMeeting, and how to use GoToMeeting for effective collaboration. By the end of this article, you will be able to use GoToMeeting like a pro and take your online meetings to the next level.

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What is GoToMeeting and Why You Need It

GoToMeeting is a cloud-based online meeting software that enables you to connect with up to 250 participants in real-time. You can use GoToMeeting to share your screen, audio, and video, chat with your attendees, record your meetings, and more. You can also integrate GoToMeeting with other popular applications such as Outlook, Google Calendar, Slack, Salesforce, and more.

GoToMeeting Features and Benefits

Some of the features and benefits of using GoToMeeting are:

  • High-quality video and audio: You can enjoy crystal-clear HD video and audio quality with GoToMeeting. You can also use noise cancellation and background blur features to enhance your meeting experience.

  • Screen sharing and drawing tools: You can share your entire screen or a specific application with your attendees. You can also use drawing tools to annotate your screen and highlight important points.

  • Multi-monitor support: You can use multiple monitors to view different aspects of your meeting. For example, you can view your presentation on one monitor and your attendees on another.

  • Recording and transcription: You can record your meetings and save them in the cloud or on your computer. You can also get automatic transcriptions of your meetings that you can search, edit, and share.

  • Polls and surveys: You can create and launch polls and surveys during your meetings to get feedback from your attendees. You can also view the results in real-time or export them for later analysis.

  • Breakout rooms: You can create and assign breakout rooms for your attendees to have smaller group discussions. You can also join any breakout room as a host or co-host.

GoToMeeting Pricing and Plans

GoToMeeting offers four pricing plans for different needs and budgets. You can choose from:

PlanPrice per monthFeatures

Free$0- Up to 3 participants- Unlimited meetings- Screen sharing- Web audio- Chat

Professional$14 per organizer- Up to 150 participants- All Free features plus:- HD video- Meeting lock- Personal meeting room- Dial-in conference line- Unlimited cloud recording- Transcription- Drawing tools$19 per organizer- Up to 250 participants- All Professional features plus:- Unlimited breakout rooms- Co-organizers- Note taking- Keyboard and mouse sharing- Mobile cloud recording- Custom branding

EnterpriseCustom- Up to 3,000 participants- All Business features plus:- Onboarding and training- Customer success manager- Volume discounts- Advanced admin features

You can also start a 14-day free trial of any paid plan to test out the features before you commit. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

How to Download GoToMeeting on Your PC

There are three ways you can download GoToMeeting on your PC:

Download from the Official Website

The easiest way to download GoToMeeting on your PC is to visit the official website and follow these steps:

  • Go to and click on the Start for Free button.

  • Enter your email address and click on the Sign Up button.

  • Check your email for a confirmation link and click on it.

  • Create a password and click on the Continue button.

  • Select your plan and click on the Start My Trial button.

  • You will be redirected to your online account where you can download the GoToMeeting desktop app by clicking on the Download button.

  • Save the file and run it to install GoToMeeting on your PC.

Download from the GoTo Download Center

You can also download GoToMeeting from the GoTo Download Center, which is a repository of all the GoTo products and versions. To do this, follow these steps:

How to download and install gotomeeting on your PC for free

Gotomeeting download center: get all the apps you need

Gotomeeting desktop app for Windows and Mac

Gotomeeting mobile app for iOS and Android

How to install gotomeeting via MSI (Windows) or DMG (Mac)

Gotomeeting calendar plugins for Outlook and Google Calendar

How to uninstall gotomeeting from your device

How to automatically install gotomeeting updates

Gotomeeting installation tips for different browsers

Gotomeeting download support: get help and FAQs

Gotomeeting free trial: download and try it for 14 days

Gotomeeting download for Linux: how to run it on Ubuntu

Gotomeeting download for Chromebook: how to use it with Chrome OS

Gotomeeting download for iPad: how to join meetings from your tablet

Gotomeeting download for iPhone: how to host meetings from your phone

Gotomeeting download for Android: how to share your screen and camera

Gotomeeting download for Windows 10: how to use it with Cortana

Gotomeeting download for Mac: how to use it with Siri

Gotomeeting download for Apple Watch: how to control meetings from your wrist

Gotomeeting download for Samsung Smart TV: how to join meetings from your TV

Gotomeeting download size: how much space does it take on your device

Gotomeeting download speed: how fast does it load and run

Gotomeeting download error: how to fix common issues and errors

Gotomeeting download offline installer: how to install it without internet connection

Gotomeeting download latest version: how to check and update your app

Gotomeeting download old version: how to find and install previous versions of the app

Gotomeeting download crack: why you should avoid illegal downloads and use the official app

Gotomeeting download review: what users say about the app and its features

Gotomeeting download comparison: how does it compare with other video conferencing apps

Gotomeeting download features: what you can do with the app and how to use them

Gotomeeting download pricing: how much does it cost and what are the plans available

Gotomeeting download coupon: how to get discounts and deals on the app

Gotomeeting download security: how safe is it and what are the privacy policies

Gotomeeting download requirements: what are the minimum and recommended system specifications

Gotomeeting download integration: how to connect it with other apps and tools you use

Gotomeeting download tutorial: how to get started and learn the basics of the app

Gotomeeting download webinar: how to host and attend online events with the app

Gotomeeting download recording: how to record and save your meetings with the app

Gotomeeting download transcription: how to get captions and transcripts of your meetings with the app

Gotomeeting download statistics: how to track and measure your meeting performance with the app

  • Go to and scroll down to the GoToMeeting section.

  • Select your operating system (Windows or Mac) and click on the Download Now button.

  • Save the file and run it to install GoToMeeting on your PC.

Download from WizCase

You can also download GoToMeeting from WizCase, which is a trusted website that offers free downloads of various software. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Go to and click on the Download Now button.

  • You will be redirected to the official website where you can sign up for a free trial or log in to your existing account.

  • You will then be able to download the GoToMeeting desktop app by clicking on the Download button.

  • Save the file and run it to install GoToMeeting on your PC.

How to Install GoToMeeting on Your PC

The installation process of GoToMeeting is similar for both Windows and Mac. However, there are some minor differences that you should be aware of. Here are the steps for each operating system:

Install on Windows

To install GoToMeeting on Windows, follow these steps:

  • After downloading the file, double-click on it to launch the installer.

  • You may see a User Account Control prompt asking you to allow the app to make changes to your device. Click on Yes.

  • The installer will extract the files and launch the GoTo Opener app, which will install the GoToMeeting desktop app on your PC.

  • You may see a firewall prompt asking you to allow the app to access the internet. Click on Allow access.

  • The installation will be completed and you will see a confirmation message. Click on OK.

  • You can now launch the GoToMeeting desktop app from your Start menu or desktop shortcut.

Install on Mac

To install GoToMeeting on Mac, follow these steps:

  • After downloading the file, double-click on it to open it.

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