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ABOUT TaylarMadeMeDoIt

TaylarMadeMeDoIt, was created and founded by Taylar Stallings with the belief that "one size does NOT fit all" when it comes your fitness! Everybody has different goals, needs, weaknesses, strengths, etc. Taking this into consideration, along with her experience of training various individuals from all walks ranging from youth athletics, to NCAA Division I-II athletes, world record holders, and athletes all the way up to the young age of 78, Taylar has cultivated a team of coaches that "Taylar" the experience to each individual's specific needs. 

Each athlete is provided their own personal coach that will sit down with them to discuss their specific needs in more detail. From this initial meeting, our coach will design a program "Taylar'd" to their needs! Whatever you're looking for, we'll CREATE a program for you!

We also understand that mindset is everything! Our coaches are the BEST when it comes to developing personal relationships with our athletes and knowing how to get the most out of their workouts! Our athletes are also connected in a Facebook private community of athletes all encouraging each other through their own personal journeys!

Contact us to set up your FREE 30min consultation with one of our coaches to help "Taylar" your goals! Thank you!






Want to know what is the right fit for you? Check out our different options to see what fits you best!
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