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Janet Durant


April 1, 2024

The Value of Having a Remote Fitness Coach

And why you should also look for a coach who specializes in the sport you are pursuing…

In today’s world, we have a vast number of CrossFit coaches, workout programs, and fitness information that is easily accessible. They all claim that they can help you get X, Y & Z. A bar muscle up, an added #20 to your clean and jerk, a leaner body... The list goes on. 

You can look up YouTube videos on nearly anything you are trying to learn. You can google tips and tricks for learning anything fitness related. And you can use artificial intelligence for many different functions, including writing workouts. But that doesn’t mean any of these things are going to be the most efficient use of your time and energy. Or even, the most cost effective.

In fact, I see this happen all of the time:

An athlete decides that they want to learn how to clean and jerk or learn a bar muscle-up. Instead of reaching out to a knowledgeable coach for information, they decide to take matters into their own hands. 

Next thing you know, the athlete is pulling early in their clean. Or ricocheting the barbell off of their hips (because that’s what they saw in the YouTube video that they found). Or they are throwing one arm over the bar in a bar muscle-up and wriggling themselves to the top. Inviting damage to the shoulder that is chicken-winging over the bar. This is how a lot of athletes learn bad habits which can be harder to break than learning a movement correctly. 

Learning to do a skill on your own might seem like it saves you money, and it might, at first. But an athlete who's learned on their own, likely has developed poor movement patterns. At this point, this athlete will often reach out to a qualified coach. They will then go through the process of undoing bad habits they've developed by buying into a coach.  

So besides saving time and money, there are some valuable reasons you should consider hiring a remote coach. 

This includes:

  • More knowledgeable in their field
  • One-on-one access to a qualified coach 
  • Communication is in writing 

You may also be reading this and wondering why a remote coach is suggested over an in-person coach. 

Below are some reasons why hiring a remote coach might be worth more bang for your buck than an in-person coach. 

A Remote Coach is knowledgeable in their field of Study 

A coach who specializes in their field of study, is going to have more information on that particular topic. They will likely have knowledge in coaching, programming or teaching a specific skill. If this coach is routinely sought out, they likely have a lot of experience working in their specific modality.

Finding a coach that specializes in a particular genre of fitness in your gym, is rare. These coaches are more than likely remote coaches. That doesn't mean your gym doesn't have a specialized coach but it's often harder to find them in person. If you have that as an option, consider yourself very, very lucky!

The main point is that it's much harder to find an in-person expert than it is to find an expert online these days.

A Remote Coach Provides One-on-One Access

Getting to work with one qualified person provides so much more value than following the same workout program as a slew of other people. 

Having a coach that you are working with individually allows them to figure out EXACTLY what you need to work on. A good coach will be able to figure out what you struggle with and how to turn your struggle into your strength! They should also be able to help you learn faster and more efficiently in what you are trying to improve. When you AREN’T working one-on-one with a qualified coach, you may not be given the BEST tools to help you achieve your goals.

A Remote Coach Provides Communication in writing 

Oftentimes, a coach will give you so much valuable information, but you can only retain so much at a time. Plus, you’re likely not writing down these cues or tips anywhere. And if you do try to log info after a training session, remembering all of their corrections is unlikely. 

Having a remote coach is going to be able to offer instant feedback and even better, it will be in writing! Whether that’s through a video review or seeing the number of reps done or time domain a workout is completed in.  

Being able to have corrections, cues and tips through writing allows you to go back to see EXACTLY what is said. On top of that, you can ask them to repeat that info if it doesn’t make sense after you’ve read it. Having cues in writing can be so much better when it comes to coaching and learning new skills.


However, finding a cost effective remote coach might prove to be challenging too. Recently, I saw an ad for a well known workout program that offered individualized CrossFit coaching and programming. They were asking for $500 per month!!! PER MONTH!

Not that they aren’t knowledgeable in what they do but you can also find programs, trainers and qualified coaches that aren’t charging an arm and leg for their product. 

This is what sets TaylarMadeAthletics apart from the sea of weightlifting, gymnastics, and CrossFit programs you see online. The price for one-on-one coaching from one of our specialized coaches is a bargain you won’t find anywhere else. The reason is: that we know we aren’t one of the BIG-time names but we also know we have some of the top-notch trainers in the world. You get programming catered to your individual needs and goals. You can ask for feedback on movement by sending videos through our app. And you receive one-on-one coaching from our specialized coaches who are genuinely invested in helping you become the best athlete you can be!  

Check out our programs tab to set yourself up for success with one of our qualified coaches. Whatever fitness endeavor or skill you are looking to build, we have the right coach for you!

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